Our operating advisors pride themselves on having trusted relationships -  at the federal, state and local levels of government - 

plus deep roots in the private sector.


Disasters interrupt essential services, such as health care, electricity, water, transport, security and communications. The interruption can seriously affect the health, social and economic networks of communities and countries.


WKC will help get the tools you need - efficiently and cost effectively.


We specialize in obtaining American sourced materials, supplies, services, and contracts.  WKC supports other practice,  U.S. small business.


WKC addresses the need for businesses and governments to maintain and reduce costs while supporting American industry and American workers.  Whiskey Kilo will  be a trusted partner - particularly in crisis.

Meet The Team

Kathryn Kane

Known for her sharp assessments of individuals, institutions, and quagmires.

Kathryn has a penchant for leading difficult conversations, a skill which was developed over 15 years as an economist and diplomat for the United States Government.

Kathryn leans across aisles and borders to spur goodwill and collaboration to leverage trusted partners.

LCDR Greg Keeley, USN (ret)

Has the unique distinction of service in both the United States Navy and the Royal Australian Navy, serving in combat roles in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pacific.

Previously, Mr Keeley held leadership roles in a number of procurement, biosecurity and cybersecurity firms.

Mr. Keeley served in senior roles in the United States Congress, including to; the Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee; the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee; and the Chairman of the Republican Senate Policy Committee.

Born and raised in Australia, Mr. Keeley operated for the Commonwealth Government in various capacities including the Royal Australian Navy and Australian Federal Police – International Deployment Group.

LCDR Daniel Barks, USN (ret)

of Counsel

Former U.S. Navy Aviator, Dan Barks has operated Bluestar Consortium for more than a decade.  He has close personal ties with political and business leaders around the globe.  Dan understands solving problems on a truly global scale.

He flew carrier-based A-6E Intruders for the U.S. Navy and served in both Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  Mr. Barks also spent a year in the Iraqi theater of operations.  After his service to our country, Dan entered law school at the University of South Carolina, graduating with honors. 

Dan is an active member of the Bars of the states of Georgia, Virginia and New York. In addition to his admissions to several United States District Courts, Dan is admitted and qualified before the Supreme Court of the United States as well as the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

CDR Ron Carpinella, USNR

Government Specialist

Entrepreneurial and Passionate Senior Sales Leader with a demonstrated track record of success in building revenue generating teams and operations for start-ups and large enterprises. 

John Mueller

Medical Specialist

Specializing in work with anesthesiologists and pain management physicians domestically and internationally including Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Clients include the Mayo Clinic, Duke University, Cornell University, University of Louisville, University Hospital, and Hershey Medical Center.

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